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Memory Photobook

Single Sheet Coptic Stitch 


Medium - Acetate, UV Paper, Somerset Paper, Protection Film, Waxed Linen Thread

Box- Plexiglass, Washi Tape, Protection Film

I find myself taking photos all the time trying to capture the moment or remember certain things that I’m scared I would forget. Therefore in my photo book I based it on the theme of memories showing them in different ways as I used different materials to represent different moments in time and how time and memories can be altered.

My photos are shown with one overlapping the other and can be flipped out to expose the photo beneath the top one. The top layer is acetate and the bottom layer consists of both, Somerset and UV paper binded together using a single sheet Coptic stitch. The Somerset is solid white while the UV has a little bit of transparency. The way I choose to present my photos allows interaction with the foldouts, that way viewers can see the different possibilities of how the photos can turn out to look like. 

This photo book has no name to it because memories do not have a certain category and I feel like it can be forever changing. I also choose to put my Coptic binded final in a box rather than binding it with a translucent hardcover because I think a cover represents something that is finalized and done but that’s not the case with my theme. Instead with the box it feels like there’s a spot for these memories and can be pulled out whenever I need to come back to it.

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