Vanessa Huang


Vanessa Huang is a Toronto-based artist, she enjoys exploring different types of media such as printmaking, book arts, graphic design and photography.

She explores different types of communications and finds it interesting that there can be different representations and outcomes towards a singular topic or situation depending on how it is expressed. Working with time, memories, language and culture, Vanessa's work relates and can trigger and stimulate different feelings and sometimes allow oneself to discover the beauty of things in different perspectives. Using her wide knowledge and resource from different medias, she creates work that show the movement in which time can travel in a unique and subtle way. Vanessa also likes to create prints and multiples as a tactile way of distributing memories and often capturing the moment within the object when it is given because it can always be looked back to in remembrance. 

Vanessa has a Bachelor’s in Publications and minor in Photography from OCAD University. She is particularly interested in the Asian lifestyle and culture. Most of the time she can be found creating different types of one-of-kind handmade items ranging from accessories to custom bags and other DIY crafts using new or found materials in collaboration with screen printing or other types of media. 


Eco Art National Youth Photo Contest - July 2013

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